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Single Eiderdown Duvet

Single Eiderdown Duvet


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Ever wanted to sleep like a King or a Queen? Why wonder when you can drift into the Dreamland like Royalty yourself?


Our duvets are made from only the finest 100% sateen woven cotton shell with 800 thread count, which makes for an incredibly light and soft, yet durable, outer layer. Each duvet consists of four baffle boxes with a 7 cm tall baffle. This allows air to circulate throughout the whole duvet, eliminating all cold spots. Each baffle box is filled with only the finest, hand selected eiderdown.

Fillings vary as each duvet is custom made to your requirements. The eiderdown in each duvet is gathered, processed and filled into duvets in Hraun, Fljótin Valley. Every gram of eiderdown in your duvet has been carefully hand selected by a skilled worker.

The published price is the price for what we like to call the Goldilocks fill. The Goldilocks fill in a single duvet is a 500 g. filling, not too cold but not too warm either. Please note that eiderdown is temperature regulating. What that means is that the eiderdown in your duvet expands and contracts depending on the temperature and humidity in the environment. Essentially, it’s “alive”.
Please note that taxes may apply. Contact your tax authorities for more information.

An eiderdown duvet can last decades if well taken care of, as evident in Iceland, where they are commonly passed down as heirlooms.

Worldwide shipping is included.


  • 140*200 cm ( 55*78 inches)
  • 500 g. ( 17.6 oz.) 100% eiderdown fill.
  • Four baffle boxes.
  • Shell material is made from 100% woven sateen cotton with 800 thread count. The material is specially made just for us. This makes for an incredibly light, soft, yet durable duvet.