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Sustainable Comfort

Our harvesting process is 100% sustainable from A-Z. Using geothermal-and hydropower exclusively throughout the whole process.

Our story

Get to know us, what we do and the story behind it all.

The Common Eider Duck

All you need to know about these incredible birds.

What is eiderdown?

Learn more about the softest, warmest and most valued down in the world.

Hraun – Fljótin

We operate one of the larger Eider colonies in Iceland at Hraun in the Fljót Valley on the Troll Peninsula. Eiderdown has been collected in Hraun since 1860 and today, around 3,500 eider ducks nest in this picturesque landscape.
If you ever find yourself in Iceland, feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee at our house by the lake in Hraun!



(+354) 821 0394



Hraun 1,
570 Fljót.

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Icelandic Eider ehf.

Tungusíða 4,
603 Akureyri.